Turn-key Laser System
Turn-Key Laser System

High Heat Load Laser Package
High Heat Load Laser Package

Lasers on C-mount and NS-mount
Lasers on C-mount and NS-mount

Thorlabs Acquires QCL Manufacturer Maxion Technologies.

Maxion Technologies, Inc.

Maxion Technologies, Inc is a world leader in the development and commercialization of long-wavelength (3-12 microns) infrared semiconductor lasers. Maxion is the only company in the world selling both interband cascade (IC) and quantum cascade (QC) lasers to business and government customers. Our laser products are being used by customers developing product solutions in the areas of homeland security, military communications, infrared countermeasures, chemical warfare agent detection, explosives detection, medical diagnostics, industrial process controls, remote gas leak detection, pollution monitoring, and real-time combustion controls.

Maxion sells turn-key laser systems integrating single-mode and multi-mode QC and IC laser products that feature complete thermal and electrical control of the laser source. Maxion also offers lasers at other levels of integration, including packaged lasers with an integrated collimating lens and thermo-electric cooler, as well as individually mounted lasers, LEDs and array sources suitable for customer integration into OEM systems. The emission wavelength of our laser products can be current-tuned and/or temperature-tuned through the fundamental absorption wavelengths of a wide variety of molecules, including methane, ethane, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and many others.

We work closely with our customers to develop laser products tailored to their specific needs and also work with them after product sales to ensure their success.

Maxion is a proud partner of MIRTHE (Mid-InfraRed Technologies for Health and the Environment) –

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